Tea Poetry: Announcing My New Steeped Recipes Book

steeped book

Tucked into a kitchen cabinet, a tin of tea

Aspires to what it one day may be—
Will it be iced, slicking a glass with cool condensation

or will it be brewed into a bracingly hot cup—if you ask me
what to do, I will suggest brew it into broth for a warming stew.

You see, I just finished writing a book
for tea lovers who also like to cook,

called Steeped: Recipes Infused with Tea.
If you plumb its depths, you will find something

sweet, something savory, and something to make,
if you’re feeling neighborly. There are so many things

a person can do, using tea for cooking and baking too.
So preorder your copy and help my chances

of this tea cookbook taking off—let there be dancing!
Tell a friend about it over a cup of Earl Grey

or buy a few copies as gifts to give away.
Any way you steep it, the end remains the same—

infusing flavor, gaining tableside favor.
Join the journey with me and let’s get busy

starting to cook and bake with tea.


Steeped Recipes Cookbook Tea Poem


A Few Words about Steeped Recipes

Thanks for humoring my somewhat silly tea poem sharing my big news! I have been working feverishly and behind the scenes for over a year pulling together this collection of recipes, squeezing recipe testing into evenings and weekends, and then letting the book’s completion consume my days too. My obsession for teas, and notably, cooking with teas began many years ago while heading up marketing at a tea company for almost eight years. Since then, I’ve been experimenting and playing with tea, pushing its limits in the kitchen to find new ways to use it in everyday cooking. Over the coming months, I’ll share tidbits on the process of writing a cookbook and talk about tea in fun ways that you can expect from being a reader of The Food Poet. If you are a tea fan, lover of literature (and tea), passionate home cook, or a cooking adventurer, please tell your friends about Steeped and preorder it for friends and family (available in stores, April 7, 2015). I’m starting to plan my book tour, so if you want me to come to your town and give a cooking demo or read from the book, send me an email (click me). Let’s Get Steeped.