Things I love so far this week

1. Making my first pseudo-Spanakopita using the insight of the chef’s secret ingredients from “The Black Olive” in Baltimore!
2. Walking the cobbled streets of Baltimore, visually soaking in the architecture!
3. Snow Patrol’s “Eyes Open” CD
4. Knowing I get to use my passport tomorrow!
5. The aunt in “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” especially when she says, “You a vegetarian?! That’s okay, I’ll make lamb.”
6. Sitting outside today at the official Greek Festival, listening to the strains of Greek music, watching the teenagers dance and eating yummy lemony rice!
7. Walking with Lyla & laughing at men in chaps from the Folsom Street Festival!
8. Sitting and singing next to Mariah this morning at church!
9. A letter in the mail from Pam & Darren!
10. Getting caught up with a friend from school over Afghani food in Baltimore!
11. Housemade baklava ice cream!


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    October 1, 2007

    ooh this week, I get to add #12 (how exciting!): tasty Loukoumades (thank you!!!!!)

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    Pamela Prince
    October 10, 2007

    The food sounds delightful! I’m salivating. I’m glad you enjoyed our letter. We might jsut do it again. I also, had a fabulous chocolate cake this week but I don’t think I experienced the kind of oozing you did–I’m jealous!

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