Things I love so far this week

1. Playing Mexican Train dominoes with friends over wine and much laughter!
2. Hanging out at K + L’s house and instead of watching a movie, discussing movies for hours!
3. Seeing “Sweeney Todd” today and catching up with my new standing musical theater date!
4. My new recipe for Fig Walnut Scones. Yum!
5. Bonding with the roomies over brunch!
6. Chatting with a painter in Union Square over her Aspen Birches painted in acrylic. Mesmerizing!
7. Spicy pumpkin soup with Mexican cream and spicy pepitas!
8. Herbert Zbigniew’s poem “I Gave My Word”
9. Walking down Market street today alone with my thoughts
10. Anthony’s song “Johanna” in “Sweeney Todd”- so beautiful!

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