Things I love so far this week

1. Sleeping in Thursday morning after an early a.m. airport run (like a big snooze button).
2. Singing the doxology 3 times at Thanksgiving to give thanks back to our Creator.
3. Seeing the opera “MacBeth” tomorrow night, sitting in killer seats.
4. My mom and I disagreeing politely like iron sharpening iron.
5. Connecting with an old friend over homemade Indian food in our yearly catch up and learning his permanent seat on United is 35A.
6. Butternut squash bread pudding- ok seriously I tweaked this recipe and this is going to be inked into my ever-growing cookbook.
7. No traffic, easy parking and one phone call at work on black Friday.
8. Finishing my paper on South American / Spanish surrealist poetry.
9. Rubbing sage between my fingertips and then inhaling deeply.
10. Loren. When the two of us get together, the antics begin!
11. Relabeling and cleaning out my desk and file cabinets at work on black Friday! Fall cleaning is the best!


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