Things I love so far this week

1. “Across the Universe”… a truly brilliant musical tour de force on the wide screen!
2. Rediscovering my love of the pot- painting pottery today with friends and having my way with color. Hello Provence!
3. Moving my cookbooks back to the kitchen and seeing their cheerfully colorful salutation every time I walk into the kitchen.
4. Watching the alligators sun themselves in Orlando under heat lamps in the lobby of our hotel… OR watching them sleep on a large rock with turtles. Very precious.
5. Discovering Pizzetta 211 and especially their curried butternut squash pizza with apples and Spanish peanuts. Yum!
6. Talking with Olga about forging an artistic life in conjunction with faith and how they rub on each other.
7. Making final preparation plans for the birthday dance party of the year!
8. Robert Bly and his radical ideas of “leaping poetry.”
9. My roommates and our new message board in the kitchen.
10. Celebrating one of my favorite people’s birthdays. My description of her: she’s one of the “sweetest, gentlest people edged with fire!”
11. Lying in front of the fire last night and talking late into the night with J.

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  1. SO good to see you last night! Thanks for a fabulous party, dinner, setting.

    I love your lists. like the one about your cookbooks. I know that feeling.

    Pizzetta 211 has long been a favorite of Dan & I’s (I think among the top two best pizza spots in the city, though I love many).

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