Things I love this week

It’s been a few weeks since blogging which really means what happened to my computer?! And so what used to have the backdrop of Scheveningen on my laptop now has an ad of a bull terrier English Breakfast tea on it with the words “assertive”, “strong” and “bold” rising out of the steam. Kind of like me turning over a new leaf of sorts. The list is longer only because of the time that has elapsed.

1. Discovering a really delicious candy that you haven’t had in years!
2. Trying to ween oneself from needing this candy everyday!
3. Denise Levertov discussing her poetry revision style!
4. Drinking a round of tequila with my Dad and B. on a Saturday afternoon!
5. Finding out about a bag with solar panels that charges an IPOD and mobile phone inside!
6. Getting an entire row of airplane seats to myself!
7. Zac Efron in “Hairspray”- he is pretty to look at!
8. Hanging out with the roomies late Thursday night just because.
9. Listening to Adrienne Rich’s response to Galway Kinnell’s essay.
10. London in 2008
11. Cooking an entire turnip- braising the greens and roasting the bulb.
12. Freebies from the spa show- loading up on skincare products!
13. Talking with my mom in the airport next to the screeching escalator.
14. Kathi swinging by the airport to show us photos of California!
15. People of the masculine persuasion…
16. A fantabulous birthday tea at one of my favorite SF teahouses with one of my favorite people!
17. Reconnecting with a friend from India and finding ourselves in the same boat.
18. Mexico in 2008
19. Seeing “Dan in Real Life”
20. Elderflower gin cocktail at Citizen Cake! Amazing!!


  1. ooh… zac efron IS pretty. pretty boy!!

    dan in real life – saw it twice. could see it again. adore the family interaction in the film + juliette binoche’s style.

    london and mexico in 2008?! nice.

  2. Ah- Denise Levertov is one of my all time most favorite poets! And a personal hero of mine. I adore her!

    I love Galway Kinnell’s poetry and am curious about Rich’s commentary on him… and which essay?

    Yes on that Elderflower Gin cocktail! So glad we got to share that one with you.

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