Things I love so far this week: beauty edition

How many people have asked me this week: “What happened to your chin?”
To which I have replied:

1.) I’m getting started on my Halloween costume early- do you think I’ll make a good zombie?
2.) I burned it steeping a cup of tasty Yunnan. I am that committed to tea.
3.) I was smelling a candle and got too close to the flame.
4.) Right! Next time I should iron my shirt and not my face!
5.) I always wanted to know what it would feel like to be a woman with a flesh singed goatee.
6.) There’s nothing quite like a boil on the face to keep the compliments coming!
7.) There are never enough good reasons in life to pull out the aloe vera.
8.) I like to answer the phone using only half of my mouth.
9.) We all go to drastic measures to find good conversation starters for dates.
10.) I got too close to the open flame while heating corn tortillas for quesadillas.

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