Mixed Media Poetry Workshop


Food and poetry- these two passions commingle in the food-poetry collection that’s got me obsessed with painting food with light and words. Recently, I had an opportunity to lead a workshop on Mixed Media Poetry with fellow poets to explore the process and consider the role of creating forms to propel writing in unexpected directions.

The workshop happened in conjunction with the 10 year anniversary reunion of the poetry program from which I received my MFA at New England College. While I had hoped to bump into colleagues from my graduating class, I ended up catching up with a few other alumni and meeting current students. The community of poetry continued showing me nuances of new-to-me tropes being used such as erasures and the work being done in publishing journals. Commiserating with poetry mentors pushed the conversation deeper with me considering further boundary stretching of my own craft, getting suggestions on books to read or talking about current work.

Writing can be such a solitary activity. For the extrovert, sitting down and sequestering self can be a most difficult task.  Writing in community creates a platform from which the hyper social can do what they love while gathering energy from others. I’m conspiring when I will get the chance to lead another workshop.

Food Photo Poetry Poetry

Fresh Fennel Lychee Spring Rolls Food Photo Poetry

Fresh Fennel Lychee Spring Rolls Food Photo Poetry

Fresh Fennel Lychee Spring Rolls Food Poetry

a ruddy duck bobs in the thicket

on bough on branch a sparrow waits

the birds flock to the shore a clique

the familiar and take flight for warmer

and play the part of the watcher

my eyes drink in their simplicity

as they congregate like a poetry circle

as they move with one mind back

into the engulfing waters

with the frequency of beloved neighbors

that press in with their questions

how essential are their movements

the waddle onto the beach

into the waters fulfilling