NYC: Siblings

Tonight after a networking event, I hooked up with my best friend Kathi’s sister Kim. The highlight of the evening consisted of sitting in Dylan’s Candy Bar sipping frozen hot chocolates and talking about being single and spiritual in the urban jungle. We laughed and found ourselves in a similar season of our lives. It’s… Continue reading NYC: Siblings

NYC: 5 Things Tonight

1. I almost saw a fist fight break out between my buddy Charles and a union electrician. 2. Tomorrow commences day 1 of foodie extravaganza; will keep eyes open for celebrity sightings. 3. Walking around Time Square at night in multitudes of people makes me smile. 4. An event during said walk reminded me of… Continue reading NYC: 5 Things Tonight

Red Letter

Every once in a while we all experience weeks like this one. Today was extra special too. We were on our feet for almost 14 hours, but a few things made today extra-special. — One of my poetry teachers emailed me today. They responded that they were glad to hear I had requested them as… Continue reading Red Letter

For love of carpet

I am waking up at 4 a.m. to try to catch a standby flight to Chicago. “Why?” you may ask. For carpeting. See the last tradeshow we went to accidentally received our carpet squares, though they weren’t on the packing list. Said carpet squares never made it back in time to ship in the crates… Continue reading For love of carpet