Sunburst Yogurt

Stowed away in my closet, in the farthest reaches of where the walls meet, a winter coat enclosed in a zippered bag waits. Nestled nearby, snow boots that are nearly good as forgotten, might as well yell that they still reside with me. It’s been almost a decade since I attended New England in the… Continue reading Sunburst Yogurt

Pineapple Guava Curd

A pineapple guava sits on the counter huddled as if in conversation with green-backed friends. Its unseen skill paints the splotched cream walls of our kitchen into dappled light nudging through long leafy fronds of palm trees. I want to bottle the aroma, all mai tai and lapping waves of an ocean too turquoise to be real. In the… Continue reading Pineapple Guava Curd