Broccoli Breakfast Tostadas

Broccoli Breakfast Tostadas


Broccoli gets passed over

so easily, perhaps florets

for breakfast don’t appeal.

It’s time to reconsider the

crown for the morning meal.


Break it up with a sharp

knife into bite-size bits.

Toss in fresh lemon zest

and garlic-infused olive oil

to convince an ornery guest.


Start with a humble tostada,

It transforms from tortilla

rounding its back with firm

resolve. Next come the beans,

their assembly questions the term


refried. White beans blend with

lemon, browned garlic, and spice.

Aleppo pepper and sumac turn the

pale hue peach and imbue a bit of

tart to play off the smashed garlic.


Now, smear bean spread on

the tostada, scatter its surface

with roasted broccoli bits and

stack julienne radish for crunch.

Pickle your radishes if you can


stand waiting. That tinge of sour pulls

it all together as your tostada takes

shape on an emerging colorful plate.

Protein, veggies, whole grains too,

tostadas might emerge in a spate


of recipes with no lack of application.

Back to our broccoli breakfast tostadas,

dab on spicy sambal oelek for heat.

And if desired, add a dollop of creamy

labneh on top for a mid-morning treat.


Not convinced? Most of it can be done

ahead. The day before: toast tortillas

into tostadas, make the bean spread,

slice radishes (or quick pickle them!)

and you, my friend are one step ahead.


What remains is to roast the broccoli

and assemble the morning of brunch.

You should score points for flavor,

color and comments from guests like,

This is a brunch that I want to savor.


For a traditional recipe write-up, 

 check out this broccoli brunch-off. 




    1. Thanks Michelle. Not so long ago, I found myself noshing on an entire head of cooked broccoli for lunch. If my childhood self could see me now… It works so well in breakfast applications. Glad to hear you’re a fan of the green crown!

  1. LOVE broccoli! Their tender stalks melt in my mouth and I practically absorb the green stuff. I love how it slides into my stomach and cleans my veins. Thank you for this godly poem I know was sent from heaven

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