Tattooed by Love: Food Poetry on Exhibit

Nails in hand, hammer in the other we assess the long wall along the Abbey Coffeehouse, already pocked with the absence of previous nails. Along the muted grey hallway, we measured and marked, then hammered and nailed up the Cranberry Lassi Food Poem. The day started long and lazy, dead center of Independence Day weekend. We… Continue reading Tattooed by Love: Food Poetry on Exhibit

Poets in the Kitchen: Jeff Friedman

When researching poetry MFA programs and poets I wanted to study with during my MFA, Jeff Friedman was on my short list. I found myself taken with his ability to weave together midrash poetry or narrative. He ended up being my second mentor in school and one I stay in touch with often. Our shared… Continue reading Poets in the Kitchen: Jeff Friedman

Broccoli Breakfast Tostadas

  Broccoli gets passed over so easily, perhaps florets for breakfast don’t appeal. It’s time to reconsider the crown for the morning meal.   Break it up with a sharp knife into bite-size bits. Toss in fresh lemon zest and garlic-infused olive oil to convince an ornery guest.   Start with a humble tostada, It… Continue reading Broccoli Breakfast Tostadas