food poem

food poem snackbyte- cheese - anneliesz

Cheese Food Poem Snackbyte

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food poem snackbyte-apple_anneliesz

Apple Food Poem Snackbyte

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to read a food poem is to eat it. a tomato before end of season.

Tomato Food Poem Snackbyte

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food poetry kale

To the Next Superfood – food poetry

To the Next Superfood

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stinging nettle soup

Stinging Nettle Soup: Greens in Winter Food Poem

Greens in Winter

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tomato poem

A Message for the Sandwich Board

I will not write the word pumpkin.
I will not see the word pumpkin.
I will not smell it spiced with cinnamon or sage.

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tomato basil food poetry

Tomato Basil Baked Oatmeal Food Poetry

                                                                            get the recipe

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food poetry exhibit

Tattooed by Love: Food Poetry on Exhibit

Nails in hand, hammer in the other we assess the long wall along the Abbey Coffeehouse, already pocked with the absence of previous nails. Along the muted grey hallway, we measured and marked, then hammered and nailed up the Cranberry Lassi Food Poem.

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Broccoli Breakfast Tostadas


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ensalada gremolata food photo poetry

Ensalada Gremolata Food Photo Poetry

– for Jacob –

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pesto polenta food poetry

Pesto Polenta Breakfast Bake Food Poetry

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