Gingered Chocolate Orange Muffcakes

I love a challenge. Well, let me preface that by saying maybe not the kind that makes a mathlete’s head whir and spin or even the kind you might see on Survivor.  The other day on Twitter, Linda (aka SaltySeattle) initiated a baking party of Muffcakes, all to be posted on December 27th. While she… Continue reading Gingered Chocolate Orange Muffcakes

Bittersweet Chocolate Cake with Candied Cranberries

May his memory be for blessing. A year ago,  I didn’t know that Christmas would be the last time I would see my Dad alive. A year ago, we sat around a humble dinner table decked out with Christmas finest and enjoyed a meal, a conversation, some laughs and some tears. He had come to… Continue reading Bittersweet Chocolate Cake with Candied Cranberries

Orange Black Cookies

2010 has been a bit of a doozy as years go. You take the sweet and the bitter. It was the year Holland almost clinched the World Cup in South Africa. For several weeks on pre-set days, I take on a resemblance of a character from Halloween in a non-October timeframe. An ardent fan of… Continue reading Orange Black Cookies